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Feedback I have recieved

Not all e-mails/messages I get are from people who don't know what they are talking about. I thought I should put up some of the other e-mail I have recived.

Hi!!! Ive been looking for this site 4 1 whole year. Right until my friend found it I can go here!!!! Right now Ive got a puppy on my lap and he fell asleep to my shippo music singing and the shippo music itself!!!! I cant believe how much detail u put in this thing but man I looooovvvveeeee this site!!! Dont worry about underlines. I have a spellchaecker. Wow!! 11:25!!!! PM!!!! Well. G2g. I got a song stuck in ma head and I cant get it out. Its da shippo song. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmmm. Well bye!!

Ur biggest fan: Inuyasha/Shippo luvr

Thanks so much for making the BEST forum, thanks to you, i met so many new friends, and learned a LOT about computers! lol! *hugs* I owe you one BIG time ^.~
shippo223 animation495.gif

I love your Inuyasha site.It is amazing.  It is so kind of you to have a wonderful place for us fans to enjoy ourselves.  All your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.  Your are a truly giving person.  Thank you so very much for sharing your time and gifts.
Sprout Waller

Im just emailing you because i saw on your site that you encourage people to email you with their thoughts.... AND... I'm bored too.
From what i've seen, (And sadly i have not seen a lot, because i only recently started watching InuYasha, and only when i am at relatives houses as i do not own a tv of my own X() you are right about InuYasha not treating Kagome like he should, but she doesnt treat him very nicely either... she's always "sit"ing him, and yelling at him. InuYasha is so gruff and mean on the outside, because he has to protect the softness of his inside self. Of course, I'm not defending the way he treats her. He probably doesnt deserve her, no... But since when has that mattered? I mean, she loves him with every last piece of her heart... And she knows he has a lot of emotional baggage... But she doesnt care... THATS how much she loves him. He's torn between Kikyou and Kagome, and it's hard not to be. There are fansites like "kikyou haters" and then "kagome haters" but honestly, i think they are both good characters. Kikyou never ceases to amaze me... She is SO powerful. She gives women a good name. Kagome is definetly a girl still. She giggles and she's so innocent. That, i think, is the biggest difference between Kikyou and Kagome: Kagome is a girl, and Kikyou is a woman. Kikyou has been through so much more, and is stronger and harsher. The thing i think you are missing, is that your pairings are much too practical... In a perfect, logical, mathamatic world, Kagome might be able to leave InuYasha's side for Koga, but love employs little logic, and even less math.
Kagome loves InuYasha too much for your pairings to work... she sees passed his faults. She doesnt care whether or not he deserves her...
She'd rather stay by his side forever, knowing full well that his heart is set on someone else, then promise herself to anyone else... just incase he came around.
I think that if Kikyou was still actually alive, it would be a different story... InuYasha  really wouldnt be able to choose, but since Kikyou is essentaily gone, i think that InuYasha and Kagome's love for eachother determines the pairings, wether they be practical... or not.
Well, nighty night!
Hizentaru-Hana Aka