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Different Couples

There are actually several sites out there that are dedicated to the different pairings of the Inuyasha gang! Some are really interesting ideas. Here are the ones I have found.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru


My Opinion: I don't think he would deal with her whinning...

Inuyasha and Sango


My Opinion: An interesting idea.  Sango does get alot of emotional support from Inuyasha...

Sesshoumaru and Kikyo

My Opinion: It would never work. Kikyo dosn't want a demon...

Miroku and Kagome

 First Impressions

My Opinion: Well, if Inuyasha goes for Sango, why not?

Sesshoumaru and Kagura

Hidden Hearts

My Opinion: An interesting idea. If he needs to be with someone, I would agree with this one :0)

Rin and Kohaku

Innocent Bond

My Opinion: This would be cute. She seems to have a crush on him anyway.

Ayame and Inuyasha

My opinion: Well, I'm an avid Inu/Kikyo fan....but why not! Lol.

Kouga and Kagura

Link: do you know a site dedicated to this pairing? If so, e-mail me!

My opinion: Hum...interesting idea. Had never heard of this one before, but an e-mail brought it to my attention.

Naraku and Kagome

Puzzling Heart

My Opinion: Interesting idea, but I think he would rather go for Kikyo ;-)

Kanna and Kohaku

Link: None yet, but if you have or know of a site that supports this pairing, please let me know!
My opinon: Well, Kohaku seems to need alot of emotional support, while Kanna dosn't talk much. So in a way that would be good for Kohaku but I think I read that Kanna is actually Kagura's older sister...

Totosai and Kaede

Link: None yet, but please let me know if you know of one!
My opinion: Well...why not? lol.

Interesting idea!


They do look cute together...

I'm not sure...