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Sango grew up in the village that Shikon Jewel was created by Midoriko. She and her brother, Kohaku, were young exterminators. In fact, her whole family were exterminators. One day They are told that there is a demon that needs to be exterminated in a nearby village, and they set out to complete the job. This is Kohaku's first real mission. After they arrive, Naraku steps in and causes the brother to kill every member of their family and to fight his sister. While all of the warriors are gone, the village is destroyed by Naraku's minions. Well, to make a long story short Sango survives, barely and joins with the Inuyasha gang to distroy Narku. She's also very saddened because her brother is still alive, but only kept that way by a jewel shard Naraku put in him. So he is Naraku's minion. Sango has a pet that travels with her, named Kiara. The pet reminds me of a cat, but it can grow big and fly.

Sango in her exterminator suit

You go girl!


Sango and her boomarang