1/29/06-New site layout (BIG thanks to iibun from the forums for all of her hard HARD work!). I will slowly be moving all of my pages to this new layout, so some pages may be under construction and some links may be broken. Please excuse our rough edges for a while and be sure to wear your hard hats at all times.
01/10/06- Hey all! First of all, I want to just say...THANKS SO MUCH to Chris. He's been a BIG help with the awards section. So, hopefully that will be completely cought up very soon. So, continue to send in your sites :) Sorry about not updateing in December, I was real busy with the holidays and all. But things are going full swing now. My sister, iibun, has been busy making some very cool music videos, so be sure to check those out in the downloads section. Also, I have recived some good wallpapers, soon to be added to that section as well. Keep those submissions comming! Lets see...what else...I changed the trivia question. Not a single person guessed on that one. Crazy. Also, don't forget to vote on this month's viewers choice. Well, that's it for now. Thanks for your support and for the great e-mails I get from everyone. And again, thanks to Chris...cuz now I know atleast 2 people read this section. Lol.
11/08/05- Hello again. I thought I'd update this, when I am thinking about it. Well, this update I made the trivia question go gold. I havn't recieved anyone's guesses at all! I'm suprised! Don't be afraid to guess! I've also put up the viewers choice again. I apploges to this months people. I was real busy so I just didn't have the time to put it up sooner. I'm not sure I'll have this contest next year. I just don't get very many people entering. Also, the IY awards...I really slack off on that one. I'll get better, I promise! And I havn't forgotten about you! Needless to say, I'm thinking about getting some helpers for this site. I need atleast one person, maybe two. I'd like to have someone just be over the awards (the general ones). It's just alot of work, and I just find myself real busy lately. So...if you are interested feel free to e-mail me. (not sure anyone would be interested...but get to work with me and with a GREAT site!) That's all for now all.
06/26/05- Wow. Long time no write! I got an e-mail from a guest of this site and they told me that they missed my updates. I guess I just slacked off on writting here because I figured no one ever reads this. Thanks for showing me that I'm wrong! :0) Ok, so I have updated the affy list. I've lost quite afew. Sad how some of the great Inuyasha sites are going down. I hope this one stays around for quite some time. If you want to affy with me, please just e-mail me and let me know. I also changed the trivia question. I'm so sorry for not being better with this. I just find myself rather busy and not able to do this as often as I thought. I'll continue trying though. I'm slowly getting through the long list I have for site awards. If you submitted your site, I'll respond soon! So, needless to say, my award winners has been updated again as well. Be sure to check them out. Um..Oh, I've won some new awards too that I just posted. Oh, and the viewers choice area sure needs some votes/site submissions! Don't foreget about them. That and the caption spot. Ok, to close, I just want to say that I do enjoy EVERY e-mail I get. Your points of view and thoughts on my site. Keep them commin! Have a great 4th! 
9/26/04- Hi. You know, I often wonder if people even read this section. Lol. I mean, it just looks like a bunch of writting. (which basically it is) But really, I reccomend you do read it. Especally if you visit my site alot. Well...anyway. On to my updates. I know that the quiz question was up there forever, but I had the answer for a LONG time...I just had to find the answer so I could tell them. So I'm sorry about that. Next is, many of you have sent me your sites to win awards. I have a very long list of them. I'm SO sorry for not getting right back to you. I will be doing that part of the site tomorrow...hopefully. Please, when you submit your site, be patient. I have work, 3 sites to run, a forum, and a social life to balance. Sometimes it can be hard. So just hang in there for me, ok? :0) I also made some new banners for the couples pages. I thought they needed a new look. I love the Inuyasha and Kikyo one...oh, and just as a side note...I made them all :0)  Well, that's all for now. I have noticed that my site hasn't been recieving the visitors it once did. I don't know if that means that mostly the people who come here are my loyal visiters, or what...but I'd love to see that number come please tell your friends about my little Inuyasha corner. Thanks guys, and see ya later! :-)
8/1/04- Hello all. Well, I've added the two new sections I have wanted to add. I'm also thinking of adding an avatar section...but I'm not sure. Also, I wanted to let you all know that the new site is still underway. Don't think I've given up on it. :0) I also got alot of award submissions. That's way great! I love seeing everyone's sites! I'm off to Japan for two weeks so I won't be updating the site until the middle of August. I'll be back with LOTS of Inuyasha stuff, I'm sure. I'll probley post some of my pics as well. Just for fun. So, until I get back...enjoy!
07/07/04- Wow, I know I have updated alot since the last entry, but they have been small. So, here is the next largest update. First of all, I want to let you all know that silly tripod has given me back my bandwidth. Letting me update and such again. That dosn't change the fact that I am going to change servers. It does, however, mean it might take longer. In the long run I think this will be a good thing, as I can make sure it's a good lookin site. Ok, now on to the changes recently. New trivia is up...finally! Lol. Also, lots of new awards given out. Great job people! In the awards section you will also notice a new catagory. This should help me when deciding what award to give. Ok, that's all for today. More background music to be added soon!
05/27/04- Guess what!! No more annoying ads! YAY! Also, more bandwidth, so my site shouldn't close down very often anymore. Hopefully this will work better now. That is the biggest change. I also added my awards that I have won, incase anyone is interested. A new trivia question is up, and I'm working on more "fun" stuff. Should be up soon. Also, a new "free links" section is up, on the links page. That's all for now. Till next time...keep voting for me! :0)
05/20/04- Well, I've totally re-done the Sango and Inuyasha pages. They look good, I'm happy with them :0) I'm going to re-do all of the character pages, slowly but surly. I also have a new catagory for the awards, so be sure to check that out. I also got a new winner of the Inuyasha award, congrats! There is a new song to download as well, Shippo's theme. I'll be adding more as time goes by. I'm focuing on a whole new FUN section. I have lots of ideas of what to add, so keep watching for changes there as well! I'll be working on this tomorrow, so till then, bye :0)
05/15/04- Good afternoon all :0) There is an ALL NEW forum up, so be sure to check it out. I'd like to have it be a good place for Inuyasha fans to come and chat. Bookmark the site so you don't have to go through my website, as this will not go down like my site does...Also, another few winners on the Trivia. I have one page up for the winners so far, and I'm currently working on more great prizes. Soon, hopefully tomorrow, I'll have afew more up. As per the requests of the poll, I'm adding more to my site. Currently I'm  working on expanding the "good guys" section so include more pics and music. I'd LOVE to get an e-mail if you have ANY ideas what else I should add. I welcome any ideas! Well, that's all for now! Cya :0)
05/09/04- Hello. Happy Mom's day! Alot of updating today. No new site award winners...but Lots of winners for my trivia! Thanks guys! Keep those answers commin! The only thing...I'm working on the prizes. I have the one star prize, and two of the 4 star prizes...but that's it so far. Soon though, this week for sure! Most of my work has been on that. Also, don't forget that I have the forums. I have a faithful three that post there so far. Thanks for that! Also, I added a new poll. I need to know if my efforts to have downloads is futile, or you really like them. Also, if you think I should put my efforts into something else. I want this site to be good, and I need input to do that, so PLEASE e-mail me if you have any ideas. :0) Thanks, and have a great weekend!
05/01/04- Well, today I added another page - a trivia page! I've decided that if you can answer it you will get a prize! (you never know what you're going to get!) The trivia page is accessable through the "fun/downloads" page. We also have a new winner! YAY! I'm going to add another page, perhaps tomorrow. Also, more music to other pages. Have fun!
04/22/04- One new winner on the awards! Congrats! Also, I've decided that if you win an award and do not have a button, I'll make you one. So, all the winners now have nice little buttons. :0) If your site is one of the ones that I did this to, feel free to use the button for yourself :0) I've also added a new buttone for myself, on the links page. I'm actually considering the option of offering my services as a button maker/avatar/whatever maker. I really enjoy playing with the Inuyasha pics, so it's an idea anyway. I added new music to the "good guys" page and the "inuyasha and Kikyo" page. The one on the Inuyasha and Kikyo page is now available to download on the "fun" page. Enjoy!
04/20/04- One new winner for the awards! YAY! I've also decided to have an affiliate program :0) So, sign up! (go to links page)  I have recieved lots of submissions for the fan art, so be sure to check that out. Also some new rules there. As requested I added another quote to the quote page. I also decided to finally put up a download in the fun section. The last thing I did was clean up the links page. There were several pages that no longer exist.
04/10/04- Two new sites have won awards! Great job! Keep them commin! Also, I don't really understand, but I put up the new fan-art section...and no one uses it...I would love to see your art-so please send it in! :0) Also, tomorrow I'm going to put up some song links. That's it for today though :0)
4/4/04- Due to the great numbers on my poll, I've decided to start accepting fan art. I've also decided to have a message fourm. This is so you can post general ramblings and I can ask you general ideas/suggestions. Feel free to post there as often as you would like :0)
3/31/04-- 1 new award given today! Great job! I've been getting a great responce to the poll I added. The idea of adding fan art was given to be via the feedback I get from e-mails and my guestbook. I do read everyone, so if you think I need something, let me know :0) I also added a link to Japan-A-Radio. Great music. It's fun, and they play alot of Inuyasha music.
3/25/04 -- 2 new awards given out today. Keep sending them in! I love seeing other people's sites! I also added some rules for the awards, and subcatagories. (I think it's sad that rules are necessary) *shrug* Oh well. More updates to come. I've recievevd alot of comments on the music my site has. The link to the site responsible is on the links page. I just recieved a CD from a friend in Japan, that I hope to have samples of for download soon. That's all for now.