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Who I think should be together and why

Kagome and Kouga

Kouga and Kagome

Why: First of all Kouga is always proclaiming his love for Kagome. He also protects her. I know alot of people think Kagome and Inuyasha are destined for eachother, but I think Inuyasha has WAY too much emotional baggage. She should just go for Kouga. He, atleast, isn't pineing over some dead girl.

Kagome and Kouga Pics

Inuyasha and Kikyo

Inuyasha and Kikyo

Why: First off before she died they were very much in love. If it weren't for Naraku, Kikyo would not have died. However she did. The only reason she didn't use the sacred jewel to save herself was because she thought Inuyasha was dead too. She wanted to be with him. Well, now she's been broght back, in a way. (long story) She still loves Inuyasha and wants to take him to Hell with her. Inuyasha is always looking for her too. He has really chosen her over Kagome. In one episode he said he hasn't stoped thinking about her. He is always running off to see if she can be found when any word of her is heard. Sometimes it's not that good of a thing either. Yes, I think he loves Kagome too, but he dosn't deserve her. He's hurt Kagome too much.

Inuyasha and Kikyo Pics

aren't they cute!

Sango and Miroku

Why: I think I can sum this up with a quote from the Manga.
Miroku: To me, you are, a special girl. However... that is precisely why, I can't love you as a girl. You are a companion to fight along-side with. That's how I feel.
Sango: I, I know that...without you having to tell me. It's not like I thought that... you did love me...
Miroku: Sango.
Sango: That's enough of this conversation, right. I'm going.
Miroku: This conversation isn't over yet. If, when the battle with Naraku is over... the curse of my Air Rip is broken, and I'm alive... at that time, would you...live with me and bear my child?
Sango: I...I will...
Miroku: You'll bear them!?10, or even 20?
Sango: YES!
What more needs to be said. He cares alot about her and she him. They just belong together. I totally reccomend reading this in the manga. It's volume 30. For a link check out the links page.

Sango and Miroku Pics