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Everyone Else


She is the little sister of the priestess Kikyo. (Although, after 50 years, she now looks older.) She is now the priestess for the town she and Kikyo lived in. She's the one who figured out that Kagome was Kikyo's reincarnation and gave Inuyasha the rosery beads that allow Kagome to have Inuyasha "sit".


The pet of Sango. She's a cat demon who can grow large and fly!

kirara's two forms


He rides a three eyed cow, that flies. He made both Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga for Inuyasha/Fluffy's dad.


Kagome's Friends
They live in her era, and go to her school. The boy is Hojo. He has a major thing for Kagome. (what guy in this show dosn't?)


Myouga is the little flea that comes and goes. He's known to only be near a save place, and leaves when the going gets tough. He is a good source of information, however.



One of Miroku's friends. He can transform into many different things, but he seems the most useful as some sort of flying object.

A wolf demon who is in love with Kouga. She claims she is promised to him. He pretty much refused her and so now she is trying to learn how to see jewel shards, like Kagome. (because he's in love with her) She shows up now and then to help out when there is trouble though.