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Stupid E-mail's I have recieved

Ok, lately I have recieved some really stupid e-mails. I really don't have a problem if you e-mail me and just want to share your thoughts. In fact, I encourage it! If you don't like my site, please, tell me how I can improve. I don't like it, however, when you just say stupid stuff. Especally when you don't know what you are talking about. Seems I get alot of those types of people e-mailing me lately. So, here is my spot to respond to them. Perhaps you can get a few laughs out of them too :-)

1. i can't believe you think kikyo disserves inuyasha.
that's disgusting. she doesn't DISSERVE him. seeing as how she is in
love with naraku (if you've even studied the saga and know anything
about it at all which doesn't appear to be so)

Ok, first of all, I would just like to state for the record that I never said Kikyo deserved Inuyasha. I said Inuyasha deserved her. I'm not a big Kikyo fan, and I don't really like how Inuyasha treats Kagome. That's the reason I think these two deserve eachother . :-) Next, I would like to know when it was we find out that Kikyo has a thing for Naraku. I mean, as far as I know (but as you said, I don't know anything at all) it's Naraku who has a thing for her. She is his weakness, which is why he has taken out his heart and is now attempting to kill Kikyo (again). But I may be wrong. Seeing as I know nothing about the saga at all. Thanks for your comments :-)

2. Umm, I'm really sorry but I'm die hard Kagome/InuYasha (It's my
favorite pairing in the series, plus you know it *is* canon <3 ),
and I refuse to link to a shrine that supports alternative pairings
like Kagome/Kouga and InuYasha/Kikyou. In fact, those are two of the
alternative pairings I dislike the most.
You can link to me if you want, but please don't lump
Sesshoumaru/Kagura in with those alternative pairings- it has
evidence in the manga, it is not alternative like the rest of the
pairings on your site (accepting Miroku/Sango, and I don't really
like that pairing anyway.)
Ok, word of advice to those readers out there. AVOID TALKING ABOUT PAIRINGS IN THE INUYAHSA SERIES. You'll meet the rudest people that way. :0)

3. Ah yes you're right, Sess/Kagura isn't a one sided love with no signs
of reciprocation like Kagome/Kouga is- and it also isn't a pairing
that Takahashi has been spending 36 volumes removing any implications
of like InuYasha/Kikyou. ^^

Takahashi's been writing an InuYasha/Kagome romance since 1997- 38
volumes of manga, 160 anime episodes, I think it's hilarious people
are in denial of that. :o *poke poke*

Answer: You are the one with the alternative pairing website!

This isn't ment to be mean. Just to prove a point. Thanks for having a bit of humor :-)