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Inuyasha Trivia

Now it's your turn! Think you can stump the fans? A question has been submitted. Will they go two weeks without an answer?  A correct guess  gets you a prize, so go ahead and try!
(questions updated when I can)

Closed right now. Check back soon!

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Past Questions

1. Do inuyasha and kagome get married? ** -submitted by cory
Answer: No, the series doesn't go that far. It ends before they can even think
about it. Submitted by- Haya
2. What is Shippo's favorite food from Kagome's time? ** -Submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer: lollypops
Submitted by: kagome higurashi
3. Has there ever been a time that Inuyasha hasn't changed to a full
hanyou(human) during a full moon? **
-submitted by Amy
Answer: yes because he doesn't change during a full moon he changes during a  new moon. submitted by- tooba
4. How many hairs did Monten have? * -submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer: 3  submitted by: sereen
5. When did InuYasha first premier in the U.S.A.? *** -submitted by Morbia
Answer: August 31, 2002 -submitted by Andrea
6. Who is Totosai afraid of ? ** -submitted by ayeme
Answer: Sesshoumaru -submitted by Inuyashagirl
7. How did Inuyasha save himself from getting killed by Hiten's
electric attacks? ** -
submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer: Sheath of  the Tetsagia -submitted by Meme
8. Who said this?  "You naughty little girl.  You shattered the jewl." * -submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer:Yura of the Hair   submitted by: Linh
9. What episode was aired on Cartoon Network on Feb. 4, 2003? **
Answer: Kagome Kidnapped by Koga, the Wolf Demon -submitted by: Linh
10. What does Goraishi literally translate into? **** -submitted by Alden
Answer: Five Thunder Fingers -submitted by kyon-kyon
11. What is the most common fault in Shippo's transformations?** submitted by kitsune_girl
Answer: his tail still shows -submitted by Alicia
12. Who was tricked by whom in episode 101? ** submitted by kyon-kyon
Answer: Miroku was tricked by Yuki Onna -submitted by Inuyashagirl
13. How many eposides of Inuyasha are there? * submitted by Yuki
Answer: 167 -submitted by Julie
14.  Which episode does Inuyasha shed 1 tear ? ** submitted by Mike
Answer: Ep.107: The First Time We Saw InuYasha's Tears- submitted byKristy
15.  What does Kanna litterally mean? *** submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer: Canna lily -submitted by Susi
16.  What are the four souls of the shikon jewel and what do they mean? **** submitted by Kagome
Answer: arami-tama(valor),nigimi-tama(harmony),kushimi-tama(miracles) and
sakimi-tama(love) submitted by- inuyasha-dude
17.  What are the names of kagomes friends? *** submitted by inuyasha-dude 
Answer: Eri,Yuka,Ayumi submitted by: Yumiro
18. In which episode does Inuyasha fight a bike? ** submitted by Ami
Answer: in the episode 160 the two-timming boy who brings hapinnes -submitted by Yumiro
19. In the episodes 75&76 ( the elite cat's secret plan & target is : sesshomaru and inuyasha) what was the name of the panther demon who controled fire? *** -submitted by Daniela
Answer: Karan submitted by Rebecca
20. What's Kagome's favorite class? ** submitted by amber
Answer: Science -submitted by Amanda Martin
21. Who sings the fourth ending song from the series?  ** submitted by Katrina
Answer: BoA   submitted by Amanda Martin
22.  What is Sessho-maru's favorite food?  ** submitted by inu-ya
Answer- Fish submitted by rebbecca
23.  What is the name of inuyaha's mom?  *** submitted by iou1girl
Answer- Izayoi submitted by Krazy Kilala
24.  Kouga said he would marry someone a long time ago...who was it? * submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer- Ayame submitted by David N.R P.
25. What is inuyashas fathers name/title and what does it mean?**** submitted by Kagome
Answer: inutaisho. it means leader of the dog demons - submitted alicia
26.  How old is Sota ?* submitted by Anime Freak Girl
Answer: 8 -submitted by alex
26.  Who is the japanese voice acter of Sesshoumaru? ** submitted by kikyo
Answer: Ken Narita submitted by-Amanda
27.  Who or what is Sou'naga? ** submitted by Renee
Answer: It is the evil sword that InuYasha's father owned. submitted by Shippo fan
28.  What is Muso's body made up of?**** submitted by Inuyashagirl
Answer: onigumo's heart submitted by Hakudoushi
29. Who is Rin and what does her name mean? ** submitted by Bonnie
Answer: Rin Is Shessomaru's tagalong/foundling/ward. Her name means "Bringer of Light". submitted by Lessel Snowstar
30. Who saves Kagome, Shango, Miroku, and Shippo from the poison from the Band of Seven?**-submitted by Stacee
Answer:  Sesshoumaru- submitted by jackie
31. Who or what is Sou'naga?** submitted by Renee
Answer: inu and fluffy dad's sword
submitted by kogaria
32. Who or what is Bokusen'on?**** submitted by Aeris-chan
Answer: A 2000 year old tree submitted by iibun

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